Warranty & Service Info

Unless otherwise noted, Cadco, Ltd. warrants all products (in the U.S only) to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. (See product descriptions and warranty table for other warranty periods on specific models / parts)
Warranty does not apply in cases of misuse, abuse, or damage from external service or repair attempts by unauthorized personnel.

Using a Cadco oven without a gasket or with one in disrepair may cause the hinges to seize, as well as limit the ovens ability to maintain the proper temperature. Doing so will void the warranty on the hinges. Please inspect and clean the door gaskets daily.

Cadco national service number 877-603-7393 MUST be called first for authorization of any Warranty Service at any service location.
Service centers available throughout the U.S. can be found by visiting Cadco Service Locations page.

Cadco is an Associate Member, Commercial Food Equipment Service Association

Copy of original invoice is required for proof of purchase date for warranty coverage (no registration required).

If returning a unit directly to Cadco, Ltd. for warranty repair, please call us first for a Return Authorization Number, which MUST be written on the outside of the carton to track the unit and avoid service delays.

The customer is responsible to ship or deliver carry-in service items to a Cadco authorized service center, or directly to Cadco. If shipping the unit, be sure to pack it securely and insure it for its original purchase price. Cadco is not responsible for damage or loss of unit in transit to us or a service center.

All carts: warranty applicable only in 48 contiguous U.S. states.

Please do not return units to the store where purchased for warranty repair.

Cadco is CFESA Certified
Product Model/
Product Category
Send to
1 Year
& Labor
2 Year
Parts Only -
Motor & Fan
30 Days Glass,
90 Days Light Bulbs
& Gaskets,
1 Year Motor & Fan
30 Days
VK-120 / VK-220 / VKII-220 x   x   x   x  
XAFT-03HS-GD / XAFT-03HS-EGDN-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-03HS-LD / XAFT-03HS-ELDV-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-03HS-TD / XAFT-03HS-ETDV-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-04HS-LD / XAFT-04HS-ELDV-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-04HS-TD / XAFT-04HS-ETDV-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-04HS-TR / XAFT-04HS-ETRV-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-04FS-LD / XAFT-04FS-ELDV-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-04FS-TD / XAFT-04FS-ETDV-US x   x   x   x  
XAFT-04FS-TR / XAFT-04FS-ETRV-US x   x   x   x  
XAF-113 / XAFT113 x   x   x   x  
XAF-133 / XAFT133 x   x   x   x  
XAF-183 / XAFT183 x   x   x   x  
XAF-193 / XAFT193 x   x   x   x  
OV-003 / XAF003 x   x   x   x  
OV-013 / XAF013 x   x   x   x  
OV-023 / XAF023 x   x   x   x  
OV-013SS / XAF013 x   x   x   x  
OV-023P / XAF023 x   x   x   x  
Oven Hoods x   x   x  
Proofers x   x   x  
Panini & Clamshell Grills x   x  
Griddles x   x  
Hot Plates x   x  
Toasters x   x  
Warming Cabinets x   x  
Electric Chafers / Buffet Servers x   x  
Warming Shelves x   x  
Mobile Food Carts x   x   x  
Mobile Beverage Carts x   x   x  
Mobile Demo Carts x   x   x  
Mobile Grab & Go Carts x   x   x