• Our BakerLux pumps out products at an accelerated rate and the end results are incredibly consistent. The overall quality of the BakerLux oven, coupled with its performance, makes for another reason why Cadco equipment is an essential staple in all foodservice operations.

    RE: Bakerlux Convection Ovens
    Joe Muench, Chef/Owner of Black Shoe Hospitality

  • Going to direct dining, the investment and return has been met with great satisfaction…a real improvement, all–round.

    RE: Cadco MobileServ Food and Beverage Carts
    Peter W. Ponticelli, Sodexo

  • Meal times are so important to residents, Serving them individually, with fresh foods they can see & select, makes the whole experience. I get to know them and encourage them to eat well, & yes, sometimes they sample!

    RE: Cadco MobileServ Food and Beverage Carts
    Food Service Worker, Manchester Manor in CT

  • I have been baking with this oven for 5 years, receiving great results every time.

    RE: Cadco XAF-183 Oven
    Mary Krumsiek, Sutton Country Store

  • Thanks to its range of temp settings, the tray kept food (incl deep pot of chili) not just at safe serving temp, but piping hot for 4 hrs...it easily wiped clean, & cooled after use in 20 mins for quick cleanup.

    RE: Cadco Warming Trays
    Independent nationally recognized online / tv demo program

  • Thanks to thick, cast aluminum material- heat transferred very well and maintained even temps for reliable, consistent cooking results (with avg temp of 348.8 degs, a little more than 1 deg from our desired temp).

    RE: Cadco Countertop Griddles
    Indep nationally recognized online/tv demo program

  • It was the largest among our contenders, at 21 by 11 7/8 inches. Its grease tray worked without hitch, and the nonstick surface cleaned up easily.

    RE: Cadco Countertop Griddles
    Non solicited national test

  • Amazing Panini Grill! It cooks so evenly, is very reliable, & garners me compliments daily. The paninis turn out delicious and eye appealing.

    RE: Cadco Panini Grills
    Keith Lamanna, Executive Chef, Fairview Farm Golf Course

  • Great service! I could have a question or just be looking for general information, and whomever I speak to or communicate with through email is ALWAYS courteous, professional and prompt.

    Executive Chef
    Fairview Farm Golf Course

  • The ovens have been a huge success for our locations, and have opened a host of menu items we were not able to serve beforehand. The ovens are easy to operate and maintain.

    Carl Lamaye
    Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers

  • THANK YOU once again for the GREAT customer service!

    Ray Riddle
    Senior Director of Dining Services, Culpepper Garden, VA

  • The dealer has a new comfort level with the order. I wish all the companies we represented conducted business the way your company does.

    Sales Representative

  • I really appreciate your personal attention to this account. Cadco is such a wonderful company to be associated with. I look forward to a long relationship.

    Sales Representative

  • We are very happy with these hot plates. We use them in an industrial environment and they hold up well to almost constant use and the abuse normal to a factory.

    RE: Cadco Hot Plates, specific KR-1
    Mark B.

  • Great product and Made in USA-- This is a great portable griddle. I have used mine for the past few months. I am a caterer and it is an indispensable item for me. I have toasted hot dog buns and the next day did mini pancakes for a childrens party.

    RE: Cadco PCG-10C Griddle
    Fast Food Catering

  • This is the best panini grill I have ever used. The glass is so easy to clean, the heating is even and super quick. I do every thing from breakfast sandwiches to quesadillas. I can even fry an egg on it . I can't say enough!!!!!

    RE: CPG-10 Panini Grill
    TX Restauranteur

  • I use this hot plate to make coffee, fry eggs, and boil potatoes. I am impressed with its very durable electric cord and simple, functional styling and expect it to give me years of service. I couldn't be happier with it--- clearly the highest quality hot plate I've ever

    RE: Cadco KR-S2 Hot Plate
    Satisfied Customer

  • One of my customers purchased several Cadco carts and they just love them. They are constantly changing the items they are demoing from week to week, so having the ability to have a Cadco griddle, convection oven, and induction range together on the same cart is a real plus.

    Re: Cadco Foodservice Carts
    Rob Keller, Bargreen Ellingson

  • When I decided to transition from a standard tray line meal service to a decentralize meal service I choose to go with a Cadco system over a traditional steam table. The Cadco system is cleaner, safer and diversified to accommodate all the needs of a meal service.

    Re: Steam Table Pan
    John Tombolillo, Food service Director, Chef CCC.

  • Installing the Cadco Bakerlux Convection Oven has significantly improved our operation. We've managed to increase our operation. We've managed to increase production while reducing energy consumption and labor levels.

    Owner, Ameribrunch Cafe